Antigone Reloaded (2015)

Theatre production
University of the Arts Helsinki / Michael Cacoyannis Foundation 2015

How to bring an ancient tragedy into contemporary post-dramatic context? What is the relevance and sense of studying and staging Sophocles’ Antigone today? The performance studies these questions while blending elements from sitcom narratives into archaic mythology. 

Directed by Janne Pellinen
Choreography Linda Martikainen
Scenography Anniina Nevantaus
Costume design Tiina Hauta-aho & Susanna Suurla
Lighting design Luca Sirviö
Sound design & music Miki Brunou, Tuomas Kettunen & Albert Lenkiewicz
Produced by Salli Berghäll & Nina Numminen/University of the Arts Helsinki

  • Photo © Michael Cacoyannis Foundation