Between Rings (2014)

  • Between Rings (2014)

73 min documentary film
Helmi Films 2014

Between Rings is a film about Esther Phiri, a seven-time world welterweight champion, who left her education and prospect of marriage to embark on a boxing career. Phiri, who is sometimes called the ”Laila Ali of Zambia” and sometimes ”the real Million Dollar Baby”, found herself torn, in the midst of her success, between her personal life and her professional goals. Her fame made her a symbol of women’s independence – a position not everyone in her family or culture viewed as a positive thing. At the height of her success, she met a man to whom she became engaged, but found herself under pressure from her trainer not to marry because it would detract from her career, and on the personal side, to give up her career to invest in having a family

Directed by Salla Sorri & Jessie Chisi
Cinematography Marita Hällfors & Päivi Kettunen
Edited by Jukka Nykänen
Sound design & score music Miki Brunou
Produced by Tahir Aliyev & Victoria Thomas

  • Photo © Helsinki-filmi