Canary (2018)

Contemporary dance production
Kiasma Theatre 2018

Canary is an embodied imagination of oversensitivity. In Canary the oversensitivity is related to space, the sounds, smells, light, air and toxins of the space. What happens when the space can no longer be inhabited? Canary models the hypersensitive person of the future by embodying the overloading of senses. We are suggesting a future, where people survive, but change radically. We are choreographing the symptoms of living in toxic places until the breakage surfaces and the person becomes an other, a hybrid.

The performance has been created during two years at residencies in Portugal (o espaço do tempo), Norway (Dansarena Nord Hammerfest), Turku (Kutomo) and London (Choreodrome, The Place).

Choreography by Janina Rajakangas
Performed by Fred Gehrig,  Kaisa Iho, Mira Kautto & Karolina Kraczkowska
Sound design & music Miki Brunou
Lighting & spatial design Jenni Pystynen
Produced by Janina Rajakangas Projekti, Kiasma-teatteri

  • Photo © Sanni Siira