Koho – Utopia Forssasta (2022)

47 min documentary film
Silva Mysterium Oy 2022

Portrait of a forgotten visionary, Kari Aro, founder of the hockey stick company Koho, in a small Finnish town called Forssa, in the 60’s. With the amazing overnight success of the company, Aro’s futuristic ideas how business and societies could be run started to unfold to the astonishment of the local community. This heart-warming and humorous film recounts the untold story of Koho hockey sticks and their world and Aro’s utopian vision for a better future.

The film was premiered at Docpoint festival in January 2022.

Directed by Sakari Suuronen
Cinematography Simona Susnea
Editing by Jussi Sandhu, Sakari Suuronen
Score music Miki Brunou
Sound design Tuukka Nikkilä