Rohkeus hyppysissä (2020)

15 min documentary film
Nyman Productions 2020

Rohkeus hyppysissä is short documentary film illustrating the prodigious story of Sakari Oramo, a Finnish sports medicine surgeon, physician, orthopedist, and professor. Orava’s client list includes football clubs Real Madrid, Sevilla FC, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC and Juventus FC. Orava has also been working with AC Milan since 1986, and he performed a successful surgery on footballer David Beckham at his clinic in Turku in March 2010 to repair his torn achilles tendon.

Spanish runner, Marta Domínguez, referred to Orava as ”como díos” – like a God.

Directed by Nina Pulkkis
Cinematography Pentti Pällijeff, Kari Kylänpää & Markus Hägg
Sound design Miki Brunou
Editing Elizabeth Aaltonen
Produced by Robert Tikkanen/Nyman

Narrated by Peter Nyman

  • Photo © nyMan Productions